Simpson’s Fan Tries to Break World TV Watching Record

You know, sometimes you have to just bite the leather (I think) and get determined to do something. Now most of the time, it’s a good thing. But sometimes, you just want to say, what the f***. Continue reading


Meet Cornucopia: A 3D Printer…That Prints Food

Cornucopia, a 3D Food Printer

Meet the Cornucopia, a printer developed by MIT’s Fluid Interfaces Group. They’ve just revealed their latest project a while ago, and they say that it’s “a three dimensional printer for food, which works by storing, precisely mixing, depositing and cooking layers of ingredients.” Continue reading

For you rock fans, get the MyTouch 3G Fender Edition January 20

T-Mobile's new MyTouch 3G phone design.

Get ready to rock on January 20th! T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G is getting a serious design upgrade, especially for Fender (guitars, etc.) fans. They teamed up with Fender and Eric Clapton Continue reading

200 Degrees Test Performed on Chevy Volt

A lot of work goes into building the Volt. Now, most electric battery powered cars that sit in the sun have their batteries heat up. Continue reading

It’s a Sad Day when a Chimpanzee Investor Outperforms Russian Bankers


Lusha, a Russian circus chimpanzee picked stocks that tripled over time. Lusha was presented with cubes representing 30 different stock options and selected eight to invest money in by picking the cubes The portfolio Lusha had beat other Russian investment funds by at least 94%.


Apple Tablet Existence Confirmed by Their Lawyer?

This isn't actually the Apple Tablet.

Silicon Valley gossip blog Valleywag held a competition on Wednesday for readers to send in pictures of the Apple Tablet. Sending a picture in could get senders a reward prize of  up to $100,000. The next day however, Apple’s lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter. This could give some evidence of the Apple Tablet’s existence (It’s like a mystery movie, isn’t it?). Continue reading

Video of Netflix on the Wii

This is an episode of CNET’s Loaded. This week’s topics: Netflix on the Wii, Google withdrawing from China, and Tiger Wood’s relationship with EA resting in the hands on the gamers. Watch the episode below. Continue reading