Just because this TV has 3D in it’s name, it doesn’t mean that the 3D isn’t optional. Sony is showing off its 24.5-inch OLED television here at CES, and I have to say that the clarity of the output is brilliant. The jump from the 15-inch panels that are still very sparsely available in retail channels is most welcome. I could literally spend the rest of my life in front of this TV, as long as the polar bears aren’t on 24/7. Sony’s reps kept it’s release date a secret, but I predict it should hit the market in 2010 or 2011.



Yes, we know the 3D TV’s are 3D, but how do they work?

Well, now that 3D is becoming more widespread, such as getting into OLED, and so on, it’s time to brush up on your 3D knowledge. Just take a quick “study” over here: Giz Explains 3D Tech


LG’s New TV’s are super thin and have video chat

So , which is better: thin LED TV’s or video chat via Skype? How about both? Well, obviously LG likes the two things, and their new TV’s are tasty eye candy. However, the real TV that stole the spotlight was their “LEF” TV, with a 1/4 inch display screen!

LG's new TV's.

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Portable Blu-Ray Projection Machine from Sony

Hey, you can now get a portable blu-ray player! How, you ask? Just check out Sony’s BDPorter! Continue reading

2011 Brings to You a 24-hour 3D Television Channel

Well, the future is almost here. Discovery, Imax, and Sony have joined to bring you 3D television (possibly).  This was announced today by two people who knew about the deal.

This deal is expected to be elaborated on sometime before CES (or on CES), where 3D TV’s will be a hot topic. Continue reading

What?! RCA’s Back with a 2010 HDTV Lineup

RCA. Now that’s an old name in terms of tv manufacturers. However, they’re still alive thanks to the TTE Corporation. This corporation is the reason RCA had an arsenal of HDTV’s ready for the 2010 assault. Most of the models are nothing important, but a few are actually very good. The good ones have modern features, Energy Star 4.0 ratings, and presumably low prices. Continue reading