Intel Gets an App Store

There is only one app store in the world, which is Apple’s. All the other companies have them, but they aren’t as popular. However, there is a new contender in the app arena. Meet AppUp Center, Intel’s brand new app store. Continue reading


The “Alex E-Book Reader” – an eReader with dual screens and Android

“Announced today, the Alex E-book Reader is an interesting take on electronic books. The upper third of the device features a standard 6-inch electronic ink screen similar to Amazon’s Kindle and then the bottom part sports a 3.5-inch color touchscreen running Android (1.6). The two screens can be harmonized by taking a web page you’ve loaded up on the Android browser and shooting it to the electronic ink screen up above. So surf the web, find an article you want to read, and – boom – you’ve got a larger-screen version that’s easy on the eyes.

Content is available via Google Books and a partnership with Borders. There’s built in Wi-Fi, 2GB of storage expandable via microSD, and an open development environment. The price tag is $400 for the Wi-Fi version, which will be available in February, and there’s a 3G-enabled version planned in the future. So, yes, perhaps a little on the pricing side for an electronic book reader but, hey, don’t forget about all the Android goodness.”


Alex E-Book Reader (Spring Design)



Just because this TV has 3D in it’s name, it doesn’t mean that the 3D isn’t optional. Sony is showing off its 24.5-inch OLED television here at CES, and I have to say that the clarity of the output is brilliant. The jump from the 15-inch panels that are still very sparsely available in retail channels is most welcome. I could literally spend the rest of my life in front of this TV, as long as the polar bears aren’t on 24/7. Sony’s reps kept it’s release date a secret, but I predict it should hit the market in 2010 or 2011.


Intel: Customers are bursting with designs for a tablet

2010. The year of the tablet. With Apple releasing it’s tablet, everyone is in the tablet spirit. Here at CES, Intel Senior Vice President Sean Maloney said his company’s customers are working diligently on tablet designs. And this is no suprise, since Intel is the biggest CPU distributor in the US.

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Intel CES Keynote from 4:30 – 5:30 PM Today

I’ll be watching the Intel CES Keynote @ 4:30 today. If you want to see it, click on the link:

Intel CES Keynote (Thurs. 7 4:30)

Pixi Plus and Pre Plus Hands On

The guys at Mobile Crunch got to meet the Pixi Plus and Pre Plus just a while ago in the Palm Lounge. some notable points of the phones were that the 3D gaming was impressive and the design has received tedious upgrades. Continue reading

Alienware’s Sub 12-inch, Sub $1k Gaming Laptop

Alienware's New Gaming Laptop, the M11x

Today at CES, Alienware flashed a brand new 11-inch gaming laptop. They call it “the most powerful gaming laptop in the universe.” Continue reading