It’s Been a Long Time!

So it’s been a while since a post has been made here on TGE News. Well it’s 2011, and the blog has updated, and we’re now GrindGadget ( It’s still the same great news you like, the same great writer (hopefully it’ll become writers soon), and we’re still going to crank out those posts!

So really, what the hell are you still here for? Head on over to GrindGadget. Right now. Seriously.


i’ve moved the blog

if you want to see my new blog, go to Its still about tech news and stuff, but it’s better, you’ll see

200 Degrees Test Performed on Chevy Volt

A lot of work goes into building the Volt. Now, most electric battery powered cars that sit in the sun have their batteries heat up. Continue reading

Update on Posts

I won’t be able to post until some time tonight….. So stay tuned…

Satan and Jesus fighting for your Facebook soul

Found this over at Gizmodo. I personally don’t use Facebook, but hey, Facebook fans will like it.


YouTube faces porn attack from member 4chan

Don’t be surprised today if you search “WowWow Wubzy,” or “Footbal game 6/19” and find porn among the videos. The forum, the notorious 4chan, has declared today YouTube porn day. Continue reading

Mario Question Block Coin Candy

Mario Question Block Coin Candy

Mario Question Block Coin Candy – $3.95

You never know what you’ll get from a question block in the video game Super Mario Bros., but there’s no question here. You’ll get awesome coin-shaped candies from Boston America’s Mario Question Block Coin Candy. Continue reading