Farmville Parody

You know that FaceBook game Farmville (who doesn’t?)? Well, here’s a rip off it, a parody. If it were serious, I would want to play that game! Just joking.



No More Image Music Creation


Just recently, I found out about a program that plays colors and images as music. So, I followed the link to the program. I would be excited about it… Continue reading

It’s a Sad Day when a Chimpanzee Investor Outperforms Russian Bankers


Lusha, a Russian circus chimpanzee picked stocks that tripled over time. Lusha was presented with cubes representing 30 different stock options and selected eight to invest money in by picking the cubes The portfolio Lusha had beat other Russian investment funds by at least 94%.


Video of Netflix on the Wii

This is an episode of CNET’s Loaded. This week’s topics: Netflix on the Wii, Google withdrawing from China, and Tiger Wood’s relationship with EA resting in the hands on the gamers. Watch the episode below. Continue reading

Intel Gets an App Store

There is only one app store in the world, which is Apple’s. All the other companies have them, but they aren’t as popular. However, there is a new contender in the app arena. Meet AppUp Center, Intel’s brand new app store. Continue reading

Satan and Jesus fighting for your Facebook soul

Found this over at Gizmodo. I personally don’t use Facebook, but hey, Facebook fans will like it.


YouTube faces porn attack from member 4chan

Don’t be surprised today if you search “WowWow Wubzy,” or “Footbal game 6/19” and find porn among the videos. The forum, the notorious 4chan, has declared today YouTube porn day. Continue reading