Add Water — Instant Shelter

Build your own emergency shelter with Concrete Canvas’s products. The building comes in an airtight bag, but it’s not small. You’ll need a vehicle to pull it out. Then, it needs to be inflated. The building can be set u in just under an hour by two people, and a vehicle and other hardware. Continue reading


Scented USB Flowers: Seriously?

Okay, these people probably had the wrong idea in their head when they made this product. Did they really think that people who’d spend hours in front of a computer are gonna care what they’re computer smells like? Unless it’s filled with ****, it should have no smell. Even with that, are they going to want scents like White Chamomile and Ocean Breeze? As Evan Ackerman of OhGizmo! said,

“Instead, you should try scents like Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Cookies, or Bacon. Or you could try even more familiar scents for the hardcore gamer, like Cheetos, Mountain Dew, and Shame.”

Oh, but if you’re interested in this product, its only $10 bucks, and you get a usb flower with three refill cartridges. To buy them, go to USB Flowers.


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Farmville Parody

You know that FaceBook game Farmville (who doesn’t?)? Well, here’s a rip off it, a parody. If it were serious, I would want to play that game! Just joking.


No More Image Music Creation


Just recently, I found out about a program that plays colors and images as music. So, I followed the link to the program. I would be excited about it… Continue reading

Simpson’s Fan Tries to Break World TV Watching Record

You know, sometimes you have to just bite the leather (I think) and get determined to do something. Now most of the time, it’s a good thing. But sometimes, you just want to say, what the f***. Continue reading

Meet Cornucopia: A 3D Printer…That Prints Food

Cornucopia, a 3D Food Printer

Meet the Cornucopia, a printer developed by MIT’s Fluid Interfaces Group. They’ve just revealed their latest project a while ago, and they say that it’s “a three dimensional printer for food, which works by storing, precisely mixing, depositing and cooking layers of ingredients.” Continue reading

It’s a Sad Day when a Chimpanzee Investor Outperforms Russian Bankers


Lusha, a Russian circus chimpanzee picked stocks that tripled over time. Lusha was presented with cubes representing 30 different stock options and selected eight to invest money in by picking the cubes The portfolio Lusha had beat other Russian investment funds by at least 94%.