Hexyz Force Comes to PSP in May

“You can obviously tell this is a Japansese game from the name of the new PSP game, Hexyz Force. It’s an RPG being released for the PSP by Atlus, the company that brought us Yggdra Union. Continue reading


Memorex Gets Color with the Wii

Trying not to fall behind companies like Energizer, Mad Catz, and Logitech in the Wii department, Memorex announced today nearly a dozen accessories for the DS and Wii that you likely won”t need or want. Continue reading

Next-Gen Nintendo ds will have some type of motion detection

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata was more mouthy than most presidents are about their upcoming, but unannounced, products, and said that the upcoming DS will have an accelerometer. Or, some kind of motion sensor. Continue reading

The 40th Day Multiplayer is Always Co-Op

I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to handle multiplayer in EA’s Army of Two sequel. I prefer online multiplayer shooters where no one realizes I am doing horribly until the score board comes up at the end of the round. Continue reading