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Why buy speakers for your iPhone when you can just use a cup?

iPhone in a cup

Amplify your iPhone's sound with only a cup.

Okay, so would you rather spend $40 on iPhone speakers, or make your own for $0? Unless you’re loose-handed with cash, you would choose the latter. This DIY was so simple and obvious no one except this guy thought of it.

It’s literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need is a cup bigger that your iPhone (actually, anything and any phone should work). For example, a cup like the one above for your iPhone. Now, after trying this, I actually have to take back what I said in the first paragraph of this post. It’s not a replacement for speakers. Not even for the cheap ones. It does not sound good. It sounds like a megaphone (the quality, not the volume). But it’s good for spontaneous events. Check out the video below…

[Mobile Crunch]

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