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For you rock fans, get the MyTouch 3G Fender Edition January 20

T-Mobile's new MyTouch 3G phone design.

Get ready to rock on January 20th! T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G is getting a serious design upgrade, especially for Fender (guitars, etc.) fans. They teamed up with Fender and Eric Clapton, and now T-mobile will be able to preload the phone with songs like “My Father’s Eyes” and “Layla”, along with a few others from Avril Lavigne, Brad Paisley and Wyclef Jean.

It doesn’t end there. The phone will also come with apps like Guitar (a guitar simulator), and Music Light. Believe me, it’s not just an aesthetic look upgrade. T-Mobile’s going to be launching custom music sync solution from doubleTwist, and a host of new accessories (including a Fender carrying case and “Rock Dock”), and new battery doors later on.


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