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Twilight 3 Script Leaked to Internet

If you’re wearing a Team Edward or Team Jacob T-shirt, this is probably old news, but a 112-page screenplay for “Eclipse” — the third installment of the Twilight franchise — has been leaked to the internet. The script, which is dated July 2009, is reportedly an early draft and not the shooting copy, and is attributed to actor Jackson Rathbone, who plays the vampire Jasper Hale (thanks, water-marked scripts!). Though the plot should come as no surprise to any of the franchise’s fan, most Twi-hards are actively avoiding taking a peek, sounding off on message boards and Twitter about how Summit Entertainment has been good to the fans and debating whether they really want to know all the details.

Rathbone shouldn’t feel too bad. Last year, a copy of the “New Moon” script was found in a garbage can in the lobby of co-star Anna Kendrick’s hotel in St. Louis, where she was shooting “Up in the Air.” Last we heard, she hasn’t been replaced by another actor.

Word for Word, WSJ

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