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Toshiba Working on Instant Voice Translation Software for Cellphones

When you’re overseas in a country that doesn’t speak english, instead of having to carry around a language book, you can just use your cellphone! It’s hard to grasp the concept, but you’ll be able to use instant voice translation of sentences to english with your cellphone. Toshiba is an example of one company working on software to make this possible.

Toshiba’s software currently translates between English, Chinese, and Japanese. Toshiba claims that the language databases hold over 30, 000 words in each language. Toshiba optimized existing PC software for use in cell phones, which obviously have less processing power.

Also, it’s easy to use (apparently). Just speak into the phone in any of the three languages, let the handset analyze what you said, translate the sentence and say it out loud in the language desired, using the inflections of a native speaker. The solution doesn’t require users to be online, which is ideal for tourists traveling in foreign countries.

Toshiba says a practical version of this app should be released this year.



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