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There are many “God Modes” in Windows 7

If you were around to read about the Windows 7 “God Mode”, and it interested you, you may want to know that Windows 7 has many godmodes deep within the bowels of the operating system.

These “godmodes” were intended for developers, so they could access it’s internal settings. According to Microsoft’s Windows Development Division, godmodes aren’t anything new. They’ve been there in Vista and in earlier os’s. The so-called GodMode settings folder uncovered by bloggers is just one of many undocumented developer features included in Windows.

Some godmodes include choosing a location, power management settings, and identifying biometric sensors. And as with the all-encompassing GodMode uncovered by bloggers, these other settings can be accessed directly by creating a new folder with any name (GodMode or otherwise) and then including a certain text string. Here are some for you to enjoy: Don’t try this on a 64-bit machine, you’ll run the risk of locking the os up.


And, as a reminder, to create the Godmode folder itself, use this string:



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