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LG’s New TV’s are super thin and have video chat

So , which is better: thin LED TV’s or video chat via Skype? How about both? Well, obviously LG likes the two things, and their new TV’s are tasty eye candy. However, the real TV that stole the spotlight was their “LEF” TV, with a 1/4 inch display screen!

LG's new TV's.

Well, you’d think that LG would know about LG’s TV’s. However, no one knew anything about it. “Straight out of Korea,” said one LG rep. “I’ve never even heard of this thing,” said another. So apparently it must be just a prototype. The guts look to live in the base of the TV, which is pretty chunky, but still sleek.

On the other hand, the new line of LE LED HDTV’s are well known. They are large and kind of expensive, but that’s usual in the HDTV market. Back at CES ’09, we saw a feature filled TV movement, and LG is catching up. The TV’s offer Skype, Netflix, Napster (!), Vudu, YouTube, and those Yahoo Widgets we saw debut with… was it Samsung last CES. The TV’s have Skype, but they look like regular TV’s, so no pics.

The Infinia series, basically the top end of the LED line, is led by the LE9500, which goes at a ridiculous 480Hz and is, of course, 1080p. The other two (8500 and 7500) have a piddling 240Hz, and the non-Infinia TVs are a totally unacceptable 120Hz. No matter that a ton of content looks like garbage at those refresh rates, it’s all about the numbers!

I’m not going to go over every model; they’ve updated the whole line of TVs from 15-inch little guys to 55-inch ultra-lux models. The details are all here. Dive in.



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  1. Nooooo! I am using my iphone and I can’t seem to be able to open the page correctly. I will be back to read this later when I get home from school. The topic seems like something I must read.

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