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Rhapsody Comes to Android

Guess what? If you’re a heavy music listener and you have an Android phone, you’ll be glad to learn that Rhapsody is coming to Android.

Now owners of a Motorola Droid, HTC Nexus One, or any other phone running Google’s mobile operating system will have access to millions of songs through Rhapsody!

Announced on Rhapsody’s blog Tuesday, Rhapsody for Android is in beta testing right now, and it will work the same way as the iPhone version–$14.99 a month for unlimited streams from the company’s library of 8 million songs.

Non-subscribers can try Rhapsody free for seven days. To participate in the beta testing, head on over to Rhapsody’s Facebook page and send them a message.


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  1. […] Posted on January 13, 2010 by David Ali It’s just been a week and a half since Google’s Nexus One has been released, and the rumors have already spread like wildfire. Many [Apple fans] are already […]

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