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Dell’s Atom N450-Based Inspiron Mini 10 now for Sale for $299!

Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Fitting, no? Dell (briefly) launched its Inspiron Mini 10 at a press event last year at CES, and this year’s show is ushering in the next major iteration. ‘Course, it’s not like we didn’t know it was on the way, but if it’s details you crave, you’ll leave this post duly satisfied. Starting today, the revised Inspiron Mini 10 is up for order at Dell’s US website, and the options list is fairly impressive (particularly for a netbook). The device sports a 92 percent full-size keyboard, the same “hinge-forward” design seen on the company’s ultrathin Adamo and a bevy of extras including a 9.5 hour battery, Broadcom’s Crystal HD media accelerator, built-in GPS and an integrated HDTV receiver. There’s also a good chance a version will be made available with a Mobile DTV tuner within, though that’s just speculation based on the fact that this machine is currently being used in a trial program in the nation’s capital. Hit the source link to start customizing your own — the base price is pegged at just $299.

Get it here: Dell

Direct Words – Darren Murph, Engadget


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for publishing about this. There’s a lot of good tech information on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your site. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs somewhat ongoing, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a big job with this one. How do you do it?

  2. Great article. There’s a lot of good data here, though I did want to let you know something – I am running Mac OS X with the current beta of Firefox, and the look and feel of your blog is kind of flaky for me. I can understand the articles, but the navigation doesn’t work so well.

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