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A Future Android Update will lift the limit on app storage

At today’s Nexus One event, Andy Rubin, the Android lead, announced that you’ll eventually be able to store a vast number of applications on your phone — even large ones — the same way you can on an iPhone. This will come with a future update patch, which will allow the Android phone to store app data on an SD card.

Until now, developers were frustrated with the limited storage space on the android, compares to the iPhone’s gigs of space. Apps were stored in the phone’s ROM rather than the phone’s removable (and cheaper) SD storage, which grants developers enhanced protection against having their apps against piracy. However, it also proved to be a handicap.

The iPhone has many graphics-intensive apps that require much space for the high quality visual assets. This was no problem. the Android, on the other hand is limited by the phone’s available storage. Yes, developers can choose to download their app’s assets to the SD card after the initial install, but this isn’t a good experience for the end user.



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