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Get a Free Male anatomy Lesson When you Purchase a PSP for Your Child!

A guy in Omaha, Nebraska, purchased a PSP for his kid at a store called CD Tradepost. He was planning to give it to his child for Christmas. Well, remember when you were a kid and your parents hid your Christmas gifts from you? Well, that’s probably exactly what the father did. He also probably didn’t open the gift or play around with it before Christmas.

Well, Christmas came around and the child got his gift.  However, when he was customizing his PSP, he found that one of the wallpapers was of male genitalia.

“At first I thought it was a joke,” [the dad] said. “Maybe it will come off. But when I started getting into it and started to erase it and couldn’t, the more I thought about it, the madder I got.”

The store says they try to remove all the porn from items that are sold to the store, but you know, nobody is perfect. They’ve erased the picture and given the family a free game.

Remember to check electronics for porn before you give them to your kids!

via Consumerist

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